Objective: During the Nike Half Marathon, produce Instagram posts for 3 Nike accounts to drive engagement and get users to express the feeling of fear of missing out (#FOMO) to drive excitement and increase signups for the next event.

Strategy: At the start of the race, simultaneously capture photos that showcasethee authentic moment from the POV of the 3 key handles: @Nike, @NikeRunning, and @NikeWomen

Create copy that tells a cohesive story across the 3 accounts while mentioning each handle so there is a cohesive storyline no matter which account an Instagram user sees first.

Get approval (photo and copy) from brand stakeholders so all 3 Instagram posts can be posted within an hour from the start of the race.

Results: Drove a total 636,000 likes, Generated 3,000 positive comments, Increased followers by 100,000.