5 Types of Interactive Content Your Brand Should Be Testing

What is Interactive Content?

Over the past couple of years, traditional marketing has been pushed aside for the pursuit of all things content. Content marketing and social media marketing have become not just great add-ons to a marketing campaign, but the foundation of any successful business. As content has evolved, so have viewers’ expectations and needs.

Interactive content has developed out of the need to not only tell a compelling story, but also engage the user from start to finish. With the huge influx of content dispersed to people every day, it’s vital to go that one step further to stand out in the sea of saturation. Interactive content delights audiences and brings both value and entertainment to those who engage with it. This kind of material requires participation from the user, as opposed to a passive reading or viewing. The reward for that engagement is real-time results that match their immediate wants and demands.


WHat Types should you Be Testing?

The sky is the limit! This is an opportunity to innovate in your industry and create content that truly solves the needs and pains of your customers, while also creating a memorable user experience. To help get you started on your interactive content journey, here are a few of our favorite approaches at Uptown that you can start incorporating into your content strategy this year:

1. Infographics

Infographics are one of the more shareable pieces of content as is, but when you add that extra element of interactivity these can be a powerful tool for engaging with customers and leads.

A few ways to do this is by:

‌• Adding animation or movement to text and imagery as you scroll
‌• Adding clickable buttons and CTAs to bring users through the content journey
‌• Adding videos and GIFs into your infographics

Here’s an awesome example from Fitbit, where they discuss the ROI of wearable technology at work. In this infographic, they entertain as well as inform the reader and drive to a CTA at the end of the content (which is lead generation gold):


2. Quizzes, Polls, & Surveys

Quizzes are a trendy way to draw users in while also helping to qualify leads and gather demographic information. Polls and surveys are also strong methods for gathering information fast. Even though these approaches are often used for B2C campaigns, they can be equally effective in the B2B space.

The key is to draw people in with an enticing title and make the questions relevant to them. Then, provide links to related and targeted content that can help them based on their results. Make sure the quiz, poll, or survey is short and meets the user’s needs in some way, whether that’s with information, entertainment, or a solution to their problem. Buzzfeed is all about them.


A fantastic example of a B2B quiz is this one by Influitive called “What’s your marketing personality type?”, which draws you in with the title and delivers a CTA to their eBook when you get your results:


3. EBooks

Speaking of eBooks, they can be a valuable way to engage leads, capture their point of view, and provide in-depth information on a specialized topic. That being said, everyone and their mom has made a standard, run-of-the-mill, “fill out this form and get information on this topic” kind of eBook.

On the other hand, interactive eBooks can include clickable links, video, and even gamification to spark readers’ interest. They tell a more captivating story and also create an opportunity to generate leads and easily measure engagement.

xAd created this lovely specimen to educate prospects on location marketing. It includes everything from clickable links to GIFs, and it’s super entertaining:


4. Video

Video is the king of content at the moment and it shows no sign of slowing down. Interactive video escalates the medium by turning a monologue into a dialogue, with options for viewers to engage through clicking relevant links, providing their opinion/information, and/or filling out a form.

With interactive video, it doesn’t just entertain or build awareness, it’s a lead generating machine. By adding a form, including survey questions, or incorporating links mid-video, you can build a list of qualified leads, pull them into your marketing automation system, and nurture them into a buying stage.

An example of interactive video done right is this video by VSP, which asks the right questions at the right time, driving the lead through a targeted, informative story about their eye health:


5. Microsites & Landing Pages

Microsites and landing pages are individualized web pages that serve a specific purpose for a brand, whether that is to promote an event, drive leads to a specific product or CTA, or highlight a specific campaign.  Interactive microsites create a memorable experience for the user and keep visitors on the page longer through a diverse offering of engaging content.

Red Bull made a killer microsite to promote Karl Meltzer’s Appalachian Trail run, which Red Bull sponsored. His compelling story is told visually though video and moving graphics:

Microsites and Landing Pages

 What Tools Can You Use?

With every lucrative marketing opportunity comes a tool that helps you manage it. There are many varieties of tools to facilitate the creation of interactive marketing content, but here are our 2 favorites at Uptown:


Ceros is a cloud based design platform constructed for creating engaging interactive content. They offer full creative services or the design platform to build the stuff yourself.


Ceros can help you build interactive:

• Infographics
• eBooks
• Calculators
• Data visualization
• Video
• Magazines
• Quizzes
• Landing pages
• Microsites

They’ve made everything from board-game style landing pages to interactive maps, and the content can be embedded into your website or on a stand-alone microsite.

As data geeks, we also love that you’re never left guessing how each piece of content performed and you won’t lose out on any lead opportunities. The analytics dashboard offers rich information on:

• Page views
• Referrals
• Items clicked
• Drop-off by page
• Time spent per page
• Individual link click-through-rate


SnapApp is an interactive content marketing platform, which allows you to create, publish, manage, and measure compelling audience experiences.


SnapApp can help you build interactive:

• Assessments
• Videos
• Calculators
• Infographic
• Quizzes
• Contests

Their drag-and-drop creation tools are as simple to use as PowerPoint and the content itself can be published to any channel, such as web, email, mobile, blog, social, and landing pages.

SnapApp’s real-time analytics tracks over 30 data points about each piece of content and its performance, so you can learn more about your customers and leads from each piece of content you make.

In A Nutshell

Making your content more engaging and incorporating more animation and video are no longer just great options, they’re vital to keeping your content (and your brand) relevant.

How will your business be incorporating interactive content into your marketing strategy this year?

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